I am a content creator living and working in Ottawa, Canada. I've made many of my own independent short films that have won awards internationally. I have also worked on larger studio projects for clients including Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Sesame Workshop, HBO, Teletoon, CBC, and many more.

I have a passion for telling interesting stories, regardless of the medium. My sensibilities lie somewhere between the real world and the animated world, so attending both film school and animation college helped me blend the two together. My process is rooted in experimentation and I try to create things that are GRITTY, FRESH, and FUN. When I'm on a team and we are enjoying ourselves, I find it comes out in the work. And having fun is, well... just more fun.

I would much rather get something done "quick and dirty" on my terms, than wait forever for someone to give me the funds to do so. Having that mentality means that I need to be able to wear many different hats... and potentially ALL THE HATS. From my experience assembling and managing my own teams, I feel well equipped to tackle many of the roles associated with development and production. Most of my experience is in writing, directing, pitching, and character design. I've also done a bunch of work in live-action, storyboards, animation, illustration and print. If there is a visual story to tell, I want to be a part of it.

Please drop me a line if you would like to chat, or follow me on Instagram to REALLY see the man behind the mask.